Pasting data into unlocked cells of protected sheet converts unlocked cells into locked

when paste data from other workbook into unlocked cells of protected sheet of workbook compiled using xlspadlock , the unlocked cells get converted to locked not allowing user to make any changes in the pasted data . this does not happen in the non complied workbook

Is the sheet of the protected workbook password protected?

yes the worksheet is protected by password , the password was filled in xls padlock at the time of compiling , also formula protection of xls padlock has not been used , since sheet does not contain any formulas , the top 2 rows has been protected by excel protection features , rest of the cells has been marked as unlocked while using excel protection feature .

however after compiling the workbook when data is pasted prom another workbook to the unlocked cells of the worksheet , the unlocked cells gets converted to locked and no editing is allowed . no such issued is found while using the workbook before compiling

any solutions

please provide solution as i am stuck up

It’s not a bug from XLS Padlock. It’s how Excel works.
When you paste a cell with the locked attribute, it automatically becomes locked in the destination sheet if the latter is password protected.
Now, if you paste a cell without the locked attribute, it works and the pasted cell is not locked.

in that case that should happen even before the workbook is compiled . which I have already told that in the uncompiled workbook the un protected cells doesn’t get protected on pasting data where as in the exe when data is pasted unprotected cells get protected

Remove the “locked” attribute in your unprotected workbook that contains the cells to copy.