PBCmdCompiler fails with error

Again, trying to use the new 3x version. This time using the command compiler.
Installation went without error.

Upon running, I get the following log…

Compilation Log
Paquet Builder 3.0.3

Package Summary:
Description: JMS UDOP SDK (2013-08-01)
EXE Format: 32-bit EXE (x86)
Type of package: Package for general file distribution - IDStandard
Author: The Design Knowledge Company
Date/Time: 8/1/2013 8:58:39 AM

Checking Settings
Listing files to be compressed…
Analysing user settings…

  • Selected unpacking engine: Small
    Output Directory: c:\BUILD_AREA\Build_Tester/Build_Tester_20130801_0827_X
    Settings checked; the compilation can continue.

Building Package Stub
Writing resource string table…

  • Adding English language.
    Writing file properties table…
    Managing dialog boxes…
    Compiling scripts:
  • script: “mainscript.c”…
    Generating EXE resources…
    Linking to build EXE stub…
    POLINK: error: Unresolved external symbol ‘[email protected]’.
    POLINK: fatal error: 1 unresolved external(s).

A fatal error has occurred:
Linker failed to generate EXE stub
Compilation aborted; The package has NOT been created.

This error seems to be attributed to having ver 3.0.2 of pbuilder. I loaded 3.0.3 and it now works.

Next release of the command-line compiler will check whether the correct version of PB is installed.