PDF compiliation only displaying 1st page - FIXED

I have over 400 pages of pdf files that I want to convert into an exe file. When I compile them together, only the first pdf (which i selected as the home page) is displayed. The compilation report shows the 400 files but the exe file only has that front cover.

This is normal: you need to create an index page with links to your PDF files yourself, OR add a Table of contents with links to your PDF files (the second option is faster): see http://www.htmlexe.com/help/tableofcontents

I have one pdf doc, that contains 90 pages. So i placed it in the TOC together with html pages when I click the PDF doc in the TOC it loads the 90 pages and when done it only show the first page of the PDF doc. Any help will be appreciated.

Did you associate a security profile to your PDF file?

Yes I did, the security profile was set to show only one PDF page, and I got it resolved. Thank you.