Performance for Symfony

We got Symfony 3.4 to work with ExeOutput but the problem is its performance.
Initial load and page loads takes minutes. What kind of optimizations can we do?

Symfony is rather a very large framework with lots of files. That’s why it takes long time to load them.
You can try to keep non important files outside the EXE (so that they don’t have to be decompressed each time) in the Data subfolder. See this article about keeping files external:

We’ve moved all static assets out of the exe already and managed to reduce to size of the app to < 100MB.

Now the issue is the actual response time for dynamic pages. Simple actions takes several seconds. Are there any caching options for this?

If you have a “vendor” directory with additional PHP libraries, you can also try to place them into the “Data” subfolder. And did you disable PHP opcache in your app?