PHP create and write to text file then link to that file from page for download?

Hello, I have some php code that writes to a text file (via file_put_contents) and I figured out I need to store that in the proper location using the storage path (HEPubStorageLocation). However now I want to link to that file on the page so the user can click and download that file - how can I link to the file with an a href style html link?

That’s possible thanks to HEScript: in the UserMain script of your project, copy/paste this:

// Used by savingfiles.php    
procedure OpenFormText;        
S: String;
 // a) Get the path to the folder where to save the file.
 S := GetGlobalVar("HEPubStorageLocation", "");
 if S = "" then exit;
 // b) Append the filename as defined in scriptsaveform.php
 S := IncludeTrailingBackslash(S) + "saveform1.txt";
 // c) Launch the default editor 
 OpenFile(S, "", SW_SHOWNORMAL); 

And then in your HTML code:
<a class="btn btn-default" href="hescript://UserMain.OpenFormText">Open the text file now</a></p>