PHP Online Activation - "The Key is not valid. Cannot continue"

I’m having a bit of a struggle setting up the online activation feature using the provided PHP kit.
I followed (apparently incorrectly) the user manual :

  1. Copied “xlspadlock-onlineact” contents to a local directory that WAMP uses to set up a local test server
  2. Updated the config file with the relevant info (user id/Master Key and Private Key)
  3. Set the Base Activation URL (with /getactivation at the end of the link)
  4. I emptied the registration form as I’m just testing the activation.

Then, when I compile my exe (with the corresponding Master key/Private Key) and click on activate, I get the error “The Key is not valid. Cannot continue”. Anyone has any insights on what may be the issue ?

Thank you.

PS: Just in case it is relevant: I’m testing on my company network which has strict network traffic control. But since the server I use for activation is hosed locally on my machine (using WAMP), I doubt this the root cause of the error

Please double-check your user id in the config.ini. It should begin with xps-

I doubled checked the user id and it is correct.
You will find below the config file as well as screen captures of the compiler settings

; ====== Modify the following parameters for your workbook ======
; ** Your XLS Padlock user ID **
xlspadlockuserid = "xps-5*******3"

; ** Master key of your workbook **
; Set the Application Master Key, as defined in your XLS Padlock project. This master key is used to generate the activation key.
; It is strictly confidential: do not share it with anyone

xlspadlockmasterkey = "0AC0737A3525382ACEC3BF7AD"

; ** Security private key of your workbook **
; Used to be sure that another application can't use this online webapp to generate its keys.

xlspadlockpkey = "{AB9F9E08-4478-486F-8919-5B4518F1B602}"

; ** Key parameters **

usehardwarelocking = 0

; ========================
;  Do not modify below

Thank you

Your settings look correct, but as you said, you are “on company network which has strict network traffic control”. That means that the key generator PHP script may not be able to reach our servers in order to retrieve an activation key.