Php_printer.dll : printer_list - undefined function


is there a problem with the php extension php_printer.dll ?
i put the php_printer.dll v5.6.30 in PHPRuntime56\ext and added it in my project (i tried by adding in and out the exe)
In ExeOutput > PHP settings > Main settings, i selected version 5.6

Everything looks OK during compilation :

Adding PHP runtime components

  • Php extensions
    o php_printer.dll compiled
  • php.ini
  • PHP ExeOutput extension
  • PHP opcache extension
  • ExeOutput internal extension

File compression done.
Number of files: 1068
Total uncompressed size: 28186450 byte(s)
Total compressed size: 6993139 byte(s)
Compression ratio: 76%

But in my app i can not use the php fonction printer_list() (error : undefined function).

The same code works in my WAMP and LAMP environnements…

Gabriel P.

You have probably the wrong DLL.
ExeOutput uses PHP NTS flavor. Maybe you have the DLL for PHP TS.
If the DLL isn’t loaded, it can be due to a wrong flavor or a missing dependency.