Popup Window Security

I have popup windows triggered by buttons.

Had a question thrown at me by IT review person: Are the popup windows in any way less secure than if opened in the main program shell?

Now in mind, yes they are just as secure. But, I wanted to ask @gdgsupport and get the professionals word on this.

Is there any difference in security if opened in a popup window vs the main program window?

Popup are managed by the Chromium engine that also powers the main window. What do you mean by “less secure”?

Like in the security features built into exeout to help us prevent decryption of .exe and contained files if we choose to encrypt them.

No, in that case, it’s the same security.

Ok, thanks. I am not one to answer a question from someone if I do not know the answer. I was asked by someone important to my business so needed clarification:)

Now, when you say “in that case”, is there anything else you can share to make sure I do not make mistakes?

Well, without having seen your app, it’s difficult to tell you something positive or negative. :wink: [ Zero risk does not exist ].

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Technically in any case, the popup window will have the same “security” as the main window, as both are rendered by Chromium engine.

The true “security” lies in how you write and protect your PHP code.

EXEOutput uses its virtual PHP engine to generate the HTML output which is then rendered by the chromium.

This is just like in traditional wev server where something like Apache uses PHP to generate HTML output and then serves it back to the client. The client (chromium/chrome/firefox etc.) then parses and renders the HTML and display the contents.

Your question is like “is a tab in your chrome more/less secure than another tab?” and considering that both the tabs are from same domain (https://heserver in case of Exeoutput) you can tell that they are both similarly secure.

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Great way to explain how it work!

Sorry to jump into this thread, is there a way to hide the url of the popup window in the title of new popup window ??