Portable version stops working


We have created a portable version on a USB, locked to the USB with a registration key using only the Hardware ID (Serial number) of the USB-stick. However, we see the following issue with some of our customers:

  1. They run the file from the USB on one PC. It works.
  2. They insert the USB in another computer and run the file. Now it doesn’t work, it shows the Hardware ID and asks for a key.
  3. After this it does not work on any PC’s, including the original where it worked the first time. It just keeps asking for a new key.

What could cause this issue? I was thinking somehow the license file was deleted, but it’s still present. The Hardware ID of the USB is still the same, and if we generate a new key it works again.

Use the “Tools / Check system ID” in HTML Executable to verify that the USD stick has a proper system ID.