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Good day. When I launch the portable version of the application, three files are created: Cookies, Cookies-journal, AppName.userpref. However, the help says:

Portable applications create one data file in addition to their EXE file:
the state file (user preferences, global variables …) is named: [name of the EXE] .userpref

How to get rid of cookies and cookies-journal?

They are created by the Chromium engine. Try these options:

Good day. Did as in the screenshot, but files Cookies, Cookies-journal are still created in the program folder

A suggestion, close app and delete those Cookies and try starting again your new compiled app to see if those Cookies are not from previous compiled app.

No, they are recreated.

Yea, I also would like to know about this issue. Never got it to work in past and gave up.

I’ve joined today to ask the same question… I cannot stop the apps exporting the files the original poster is experiencing when a portable app is exported.

Please help!

We’ve added the problem to our TODO list for review. Hopefully, we’ll have a solution for the next update.

Try this way:

In Portable Version section, check both :

Use custom name …
Do not create any file …

Enter a name for the custom storage folder and create the folder where your directory’s .exe.

No cookies appear any more on my side using this method

Unfortunately not does not work for me. Had tried in past and tried just now with 2019.1 and get:


Try this way, rename custom storage folder as cookies, and create the cookies folder as well, then test …after you eliminated the existing cookies files of curse …

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That worked, thank you @Gilmichel !

Only issue is you have to provide the cookies folder when distro’ing package. If cookies folder is removed, the other files appear again. But, least that is solution to fault in exeout.

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If you use php you can force the creation of the cookies folder (in case user eliminate it) when your exe start, as well as if you use javascript but it seams more complexe …

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That is a GREAT idea @Gilmichel! That will work for now and hopefully creators will fix the real issue on their end:)

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You can also, with php, add security to empty the cookies files if exist, at start of your exe …