Possible to launch another EXE from HTML Executable EXE?

I have a group of products created by my team. Each one of them is distributed as a single file executable created with HTML Executable. Our customer would like an executable that brings up a menu page with buttons that each go to one of the other products. To keep it simple, I would like to have each of the buttons launch the particular EXE file for the product it represents. So, click the button for Course 1, and it should launch course1.exe. Is this possible with HTML Executable? I built a test file this way, but instead of launching the EXE it’s supposed to launch, it just sits there and does nothing without any sort of error message or other messages. Extra info: Not all of the products included in this compilation were created by my team, so we only have access to the EXE of some of the pieces.

Sure, you can build such a menu launcher with HTML Executable. You’ll have to insert specific code in your HTML menu page to run executable files from HTML Executable.
This should help you to get started: http://www.htmlexe.com/help/samplescriptrunexe
If you have some further problem, please post the code you used so we can see what is wrong.