Problem with inproper display (DPI-change)

Hello gdg-team.

I have a serious issue here and no idea how to solve this:

Under Windows 7, you have the possibility to change the DPI of the screen (see attachment: Display_Custom_DPI.jpg)

When the value is set to “100%”, the HTML-Page I have looks identically in Internet Explorer and in the compiled HTML Executable Project (see attachment: display_OK.jpg)

When the value is set to “125%”, the HTML-Page zooms well in Internet Explorer, but NOT in HTML Executable (see attachment: display_NOT_OK.jpg)

Need instructions how to solve this problem. Thanks.

Yes, I have seen this as well. It appears the font increases where the background DIVS are unchanged. Definately an issue.

If possible, I would like to see an option, check box at compile time, where if checked, the EXE would ignore any off the Windows font size changes, and basically always appear at 100%. You could have the controls internally to the program that would handle the zooming, as needed. I have seen another post, that requested that the zoom functions be set and carry over between sessions. That would be a great feature as well, if it could be added.