Problem with Languages

I am testing the trial version with intention to buy.
When I defined my project, somehow, I ended up with two Espal languages (Spanish).

  1. The system doesn’t let me Remove these languages
  2. When I try to Build it throws an "unexpected internal error"
    Can you please help?

Could you please send me your PBPX project file? And do you remember what environment options you configured to have two language files with the same name?

I think it happaned when I tried to add a new language (Portuguese) using the Spanish language as a starting point.
I don’t remember the exact steps.
How can I send the project file?
When I try to attach the file using this fórum, it indicates «The extension pbpx is not allowed» (tried renaming it and still does not accept it)

I received your file by email, and I’m trying to reproduce the problem.

Problem solved through email help.

I’m having the same exact issue. All I did was add the ‘Espal’ language and tried to build and got an unexpected error. When I tried to remove the language it gave me an error that it could not be removed. Because of this I cannot build my package. Please help.