Problem with SESSIONs

sir help me , my session on the browser is working but in my application it’s not consistent. on the first page it will show the session but when loading to next page it doesnt load, help me please asap

Might help if you would provide some sample code. Hard to troubleshoot any issue with a description of:

Show what code you have on the first page and how you are passing it to the second page…

ok sir. in browser sir my app is working properly. but when i compile it to apk , the session is not working properly.

now it’s appearing like the folder is confuse wheres the session put, now how can i get back the old settings

Really hard to give an answer / help based on a screenshot.

Looks like you have absolute path active. Unless you know what this does, I would recommend not using and uncheck:

Maybe you should consider using “isset” function to avoid Undefined alerts !