Problem with Windows 10


I have a problem with compiling and opening exe in Win10. Also there are problems in the work of HEBuild - periodic program shutdown during work. I think this is due to updates in win10, but I’m not sure. Please, help))

HTMLEXE 4.9.1 still supports Windows 10, even latest updates of Windows.
Please give a better description of your problem. A shutdown while the software is working can also be due to some aggressive antivirus program (they don’t like software that generates EXE files).

When I try to compile a project, the program closes with an error. The error log indicates the name of the failed module ntdll.dll. When I open a compiled project, I get a message “HTML Executable IE runtime Module is missing”

Looks like an interference with some security software. Are you using one? If yes, what’s its name?

…only the standard windows security application

Since this seems to be a local problem, please send us a system report.

Open HTML Executable, then any of your project.
Choose the star icon and About HTML Executable.
Then click Send System Report:

The report was sent

We have not received it. Can you resend it?