Project default settings reset when running PBCmdCompiler.exe from the Task Scheduler


Since version 3.2, running PBCmdCompiler.exe from the Windows Task Scheduler causes a reset of PB’s project default settings. Consequently, subsequent command-line builds fail with the following error:
“FATAL ERROR: Could not initialize taskbar. Error: -2147467263”

When launching the PB GUI after running PBCmdCompiler.exe from the Task Scheduler, the “Paquet Builder - First Run” info popup appears (with “Configure Default Settings / Ignore” choice). When going to the Default Settings tab, the first 4 settings (Company Name / E-Mail address / Web Homepage / Default Copyright), previously configured, no longer have a value.

I performed the same test with Paquet Builder 3.1 and everything is working perfectly. Since this completely breaks our build chain, the only workaround I’ve found so far is to downgrade to Paquet Builder 3.1…

Do you have an idea where this regression could come from? Where are those corrupted settings stored (registry, config file…)?

Thanks for your help.

The “FATAL ERROR: Could not initialize taskbar. Error: -2147467263” error causes the GUI pre-defined settings to be erased. We’re working on a fix. It should be available soon.