Project save and parameters' storage


Well, first time I post here, just bought HTML Exe and I must say that this is a GREAT tool! A lot of features and ease of use that make life easier, far easier. :slight_smile:

Though, I’m facing a trouble. When I save a project or close the app, some data are not saved and I must update them anew.


  • Temporary Browser path (still on “different path”)
  • Main dialog box (always the default message)
  • Browser window size when the application is launched (“normal”)

Even if it is not saved within the project, it could be stored by the app so that each time we open it, this is as we left it.

This is quite ununderstandable, maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Many thanks for your help!


These settings should actually be stored in the project. We’ll check that and fix if necessary. Thank you for the report.

You’re welcome.

Waiting for the next update :thumbsup: