How to disable proxy for direct connection?
The proxy settings on my client is proxy script and the program has a lag (white screen) on each page transition (5 to 10 seconds).

engine: ie or chrome.


In Chrome/CEF you can use the --no-proxy-server command line switch. Not sure if ExeOutput supports setting switches programmatically. If not, create a .bat file with command “exeoutput.exe --no-proxy-server”.

Looks like you’ll have to modify the proxy settings in registry directly. For instance take a look at

Of course, don’t forget to restore changes you make.

i don’t have access to registry…
can i do any of these links in macro or hescript??
or can you send me a version with disabled proxy?!topic/delphichromiumembedded/clESB7Z5VE8!topic/delphichromiumembedded/clESB7Z5VE8

not work! :frowning: