Query result is not updated

Hello, in my program is something strange going on. In the compiled code, if I do a query on a database from a typed filter, the first filter it returns normal results, but when I repeat the filter, even if some information has been updated in the database, it returns me the result of the previous filter as the result of the first filter had been in memory, and how I am using the same parameter for filtering, it seems to me that they are bringing this result in memory. Use the .get and $ jQuery $ .load to loading the content.


Brenno Ferreira

What kind of database?


I’m using MySQL with PDO extension.

Could anyone help me in this matter?

Changing the Chromium engine for Trident. It worked normal checking the rest of the documentation, I saw that the Chromium engine does not support Ajax, and is the type of request that I am making.

Now I came a doubt, there is some HEScript do at least Chromium not cache the AJAX response, so that it come different?

Check the general demo that ships with ExeOutput 17, it shows you workarounds for AJAX.