Question about Online Activation (Not related to WooCommerce)

Hi I have just got my hands on the XLSPad Lock 2021 version.

I am interested in using the online activation feature of the tool.

After reading thru the activation kit guide, i have a few questions which i think the activation kit guide failed to answer.

Here are the questions:

  1. When the end user (customer) first open an Excel application compiled by the XLSPadLock, the Excel application will prompt the end user to enter some registration info, ie. the activation token.

In this case, where does the end user get the activation token? Do i provide it to the end user?

If this is the case, i assume that the XLSPadLock is able to generate some sort of activation token during compilation.

After that i will need to somehow provide the token to the end users so that they can use to activate the Excel application.

Is this the case?

  1. The activation kit guide says that the Excel application is able to download the activation keys directly from the web server.

In this case, i assume that this step is performed right after the end users input the activation token into the Excel application.

During the activation process, the Excel application runs in the background by sending the token to the web server.

The web server checks the token. If it’s a valid token, the web server returns an activation key to the Excel application.

The Excel application is activated after receiving the keys from the server.

Is this how it works?

  1. If I have programmed the web server to generate an activation key that will be valid for 365 days, how does the Excel application figure out that this key will only be valid for the duration?

And if the activation key has expired, what does the Excel application do? Fail to open?

PS: for your information, i am not using WooCommerce.


Yes, you have to provide is to your users. If you install the basic activation kit, you’ll have to write the entire code yourself, because the basic activation kit is just an empty shell for PHP programmers.
If you want something more ready to use, look at the WooCommerce Integration Kit. This one automatically defines an activation token to send to your users.

Yes, but Excel is not started. The EXE takes care of the activation process before it opens Excel and the workbook.

It won’t open: the EXE will ask for a new activation. So the user enters their activation key again, and it’s up to you to do what you want. For instance, check if the user can activate or not.

Thanks for the reply.

I have 1 more question:

For the activation token that i need to send to the end users, is it the same token that will be generated for the same project (ie. the EXE application has not changed)?


It’s up to you. If you don’t use the WooCommerce Kit, but the basic activation kit, you are free to define what you want for the activation token. Then, you can use this token to identify a customer in a database for instance.