Questions On Activation Code

Having recently purchased XLS Padlock, I have a few questions on the Activation Key.
(1) If I create and distribute an EXE with an activation code that is machine specific, and I want to change the original XLSM file and recreate the executable, will the user’s activation code continue to work as long as I don’t change the GUID?

(2) If the user doesn’t have Admin capability, and I choose the option to place the activation code in a “portable” file rather than in the registry, can they move the application to a different computer along with the “portable” file, and will it work on a different computer? It seems odd that it would be called a Portable activation code since it is supposed to only allow activation on a single computer.

Rich Locus

Yes exactly.

If portable, the hardware-locking will still exist so no, it won’t work UNLESS you choose:

The portable mode is useful with that USB-locking option: in that case, all data is stored on the USB disk (the EXE must also be on the USB disk) and your EXE will become really portable. The activation key will work as long as the USB stick is used. If you move the EXE on another computer and the USB stick becomes unavailable, the activation key will stop working.