Recompiling all files

When making the simplest change, one must compile the ENTIRE project and this is big waste of time.

For instance: I make a typo mistake in a single HTML file and correct the typo. When saving and recompiling, EXEOut looks/scans every file instead of just taking the file corrected.

This is very time consuming on a project with lots of html, php, js, css and images. Why not just recompile and add the last change made? Since EXEOut is mart enough to see I changed a file, surely this could be accomplished:)

The problem is that ExeOutput recreates the entire file archive when compiling. You should try the TEST mode so that there is no real compression. Then, EXE compilation will be really fast.
In ExeOutput 2018.2, we’ll also introduce a new compression method which is faster than the current one.

Thanks! I will try the test mode out.

Guess I do not know howto use the “Test Mode”. Check the box to activate it and popup dialog still shows compressing all the files, slow as ever.

And do you see “Test mode enabled” in the compilation log?

Yes, in red letters.

But the speed is same and popup shows compressing files.

That’s not expected. In our tests, compilation is faster.
Anyway, we’ll look into a new way to create archives during compilation.

In my tests, there is no difference.

If I check the “test mode” only thing is my EXE is about twice the size.

When I UNCHECK and recompile the EXE is not reduced and stays very large in size. Before I checked the option my EXE was 72meg. After checking it is 152meg. Then I uncheck recompile and EXE is still 152meg.

EDIT/UPDATE: Maybe I missed an important step. Restarting the software reduces the final EXE size after unchecking test mode.

There is something wrong and have verified on two computers. The outcome is the same.

Seems to me the software should be smart enough to only recompile files that were changed, not every one of them each time…

Our compression format doesn’t support updating existing archives. But it’s on our TODO list.

You guys rock, thank you for considering the improvement.