Replace white screen in case of error


I am doing a lot of tests with ExeOutput and I love the product! :slight_smile:
I just encountered one problem which I would like to solve.
In case of a PHP error (typo, missing semicolon, coding error) I just get a blank white screen.
With having php logging enabled I can easy find the root cause and fix it but a blank website is not really user friendly.
Would it be possible to just style this blank website by myself with a message “whops something went wrong - please restart the tool” or do some PHP actions to redirect the user to a side which works for 100% to get the tool working again?

That would be a bit more userfriendly instead of showing a white screen in case of an error :slight_smile:

How to reproduce:
create a php file with the following content and then let it compile to an exe:

echo "cat
echo “dog”;