Restore xlsce values

I have a scenario where I save custom cell values in xlsce secure file.
The problem is that there are some dynamic values that cannot be identified.

At this moment, we only have a way to read custom values one by one:
Dim Val As String
Val = XLSPadlock1.ReadCustomCellValue(“MyEntireRow”, “”)
This assumes that we know the Key name MyEntireRow, but in some cases, we don’t.
Is there a function that reads ALL custom values from secure file?
A dictionary should be best, this way we can iterate through existing keys-value pairs:
Dim CustomValues As Dictionary
Set CustomValues= XLSPadlock1.ReadALLCustomCellValue()

Thank you

I added your request to our TODO list. We’ll see if it’s possible for the next incoming update 2024.2. Thank you.

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