Run time control on "Do not prompt end user for destination..."

I am using Paquet Builder 2018. I have built installer and it can accept the installation path as a command line argument. I am able to use the custom actions for this and all is good.

When there is no command line argument passed as is the case when user double click on the file I am defaulting to some location is user profile and the user having the ability to change the installation location as needed.

My Application supports auto update and when there is an update I am downloading the new installer version and starting it with command line argument. At this since the installation location is already know and previously selected by the user I don’t want to bother them by asking to click next on the wizard.

I wanted to change the behavior run time for the installer based on command line argument.

The Designer has this option available as a checkbox on “Do not prompt end user for destination …” under “Set Main Destination Folder”
I did not find any variable that I could use in custom actions to update the behavior run time.

thank you.

In the custom action editor:

  1. go to the “Before File Extraction” event and add a goto label.
  2. Go to the “After start readme screen” event and add a goto action that will jump to this label.
    Thus, this will skip all dialog boxes between the two events.

I was able to implement this and it worked well.

Thanks you!