Running external programs

good afternoon
This time I have a problem that I am not able to solve. I need some external programs run from php, but I’m not able to work from the collection with ExeOutput.

An example:

echo exo_runhescriptcom(“Macros.MacroExecuteProgram|d:\radio\Mp3\verano.exe%20-r%20all”,“Error”);

Any hints on how to do the call?

It is important to me that the php programs can run external programs, since the purpose is to perform internal maintenance of the online radio station that I have on my own server at home.
So far all the evidence that I’m making, work great, but the execution of external files ExeOutput can not get processed correctly.
I’m trying to “shell_exe” commands and “exe” php but not working. Saffe Active Mode to On, but then I get this error only ExeOutput program which tells me to include this path:


And here there is no way out. I am no longer blocked and where to go.
Appreciate a solution to the issue, since it is the last point I have left to verify and poceder software to purchase. Thank you very much.

Well, running EXE files is documented:

and to call HEScript commands, see