Runtime Erroe and Access Violation

One of our users has reported that he cannot get the exe file to run. It returns 2 errors:

216 at 0923124E

Access violation at address 091FA3D in module “heierun.dll”, read of address 00000058

cutlist error1

cutlist error 2

Which HTML Executable version are you using?
In the meanwhile, ask your user to install this:

i keep getting this message "Access violation at address 774E7480 in module ‘ntdll.dll. Write of address 0C00B042’

then when click ok get error runtime error 217 at 04B643EC.

Tried installing the runtime 295 but nothing. Also used the latest edition of html executable but cant seem to pass this issue. need help

Version is 4.9
I found that the exe file on my own pc wouldn’t run but after installing the msi file, it did but now the problem is that I tried to open HTML Executable and it returned: Runtime error 216 at 10018B16.
When I clicked on OK it says that it can’t run the program. See screen shot.


Make sure you are using the latest version of HTML Executable (4.9.5).

Si actualizo a la última version de htmlexe se va a bloquear porque no he pagado y no tengo plata. gracias

You can also install this:

Instalé msi pero htmlexe no funcionó con la actualización de Windows 10 y no funciona el PC . Gracias

El archivo MSI solo soluciona el problema de los libros electrónicos que ya se han compilado con versiones anteriores. Para HTML Executable, instale la versión 4.9.5 y el problema se resolverá.