Runtime error when generating license file for portable - SOLVED

When trying to generate license file for portable publication, HTML Executable refuses to retrieve the system ID for the USB stick, only for the HD. The USB has a manufacturer serial number which shows up under disk info, so that’s not the issue. When pressing the generate license file button, the following error pops up:

Even if I manually insert the ID for the USB stick, it just reverts to the HD one when pressing the generate button. Everything works using normal activation, but it would save me a lot of time being able to use this.

Thank you for the report, this has been fixed in version 4.9. Please try the upgrade.

While the runtime error is gone, the functionality is stilled bugged.

When generating license key, it just pulls my internal HD serial #, no matter what. It should default to pulling external HD or USB stick serial # when a portable publication is selected.

So the function is still useless, I have to manually input the license key for all (hundreds) USB-sticks.

One more bug: When selecting “Copy to clipboard” to copy the manually generated license key, it actually copies “User name: xxxxx”. So I have to mark the key and ctrl+c, making the manual process even a little more slow…

Edit: I see now that it actually copies both the username, org and license key. I expected it to copy only the license key for quick activation. Copying the entire text is rather useless, imo.

We tested the license file generator and it works fine. Did you follow the steps from the documentation correctly? For instance, the output folder of the publication must be on the USB disk.

Tomorrow we’ll release a small update to HE 4.9 which will include a copy button for the activation code only.

Thank you for your reply, and the copy button update. That’s great support.

I didn’t realize I had to have the output folder on the USB disk. I compile my exe file to disk and then copy it to USB. I make lots of USB sticks that contain the same file, and it would be great if there was an option to just insert the USB, copy the file, and then the license generator automatically installed the license file on the USB stick. Preferably it would be possible to insert multiple USB sticks and generate licenses for all of hem through a single operation.

But it’s not a big problem. I really appreciate all the fixes in 3.9 and your good support. Thanks!

An update to HTMLEXE with the copy button is available now.

A tool to automate the copy of the EXE file + license keyfile on the destination USB disk is on the TODO list now. Thank you for the suggestion.

Thank you! Awesome support!