Save file to ram instead to data

Just wonder…
if I do something like that


I would get a file named $name with content $data in DATA folder. Works like a charm.

But, is there any way to avoid that so file would be stored in ram (virtual) and gone when app is closed? I am compailing portable exe.

Best regards, Alex

I think there should be solution but link do not work… can you check the broken link please

Solved. Found out how it must be set up to work. Working great.

Would you care to share your working solution with other community members?

sure… First some background.
I intend build an app that is actualy just a frame (only one PHP file) that takes care for start up, upgrade etc…
The reall app is located in sqlite database.
So when I start app it goes searching for licence then check for an upgrade and if it finds decrypt files to apps database (encrypted). If not just use the one already in db. Then whole app is unpacked to virtual folder… and that was an issue.

Solution was the correct settings.: use absolute path for virtual data folder (x: in my case) and usage storagelocation variable.

So now I just combine storagelocation with file original path and du file_put_contents($fullName,$data) where fullname is x:\someoriginal path\file.php and data is content.

It works like a charm and I can read files out and if I do EVAL them the actualy runs.

Now I’m facing the problem how to redirect as seems header(‘Location: x:\someoriginal path\file.php’) only pops up blank screen…

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for example…
I can read and execute file content with:


but can not redirect with:
Header(‘Location: X:\test.php’);

as I get empty page. test.php only have phpinfo() in …

Interesting is that at some periode it was working but then stopped without me doing anything on virtual file upgrading/saving/restoring/executing part…

Need some more time :slight_smile:

solved that also:

Header(‘Location: /test.php’);

so without specifiy x:\ and just / made it work like a charm :slight_smile:

excellent app ExeOutput !

Thanks @alex666 for sharing your method.

I also been fighting some header location issues. Long back in V2, had header location setup and working. Then V2019 came along and something changed. Now we have V2020 and again something changed. Very frustrating to say the least. If you upgrade your projects from V2019 to V2020, chances are you are going to have header location issues.

But, I have to agree with EXEOut being an excellent app. Support from creator can sometimes take week(s), so users on the forum can be a goldmine of information :slight_smile:

I use V2020.2 for tests and if all goes well I do not intend to upgrade if not really necessery. At the moment I managed to solve all issues but agree with you aboout support… sometimes can take a while but as long as there is I am ok with it for now. I think users can help a lot with sharing heir solutions as there is a true knowledge, in mass of people.

At some point you will be forced to upgrade. Just had to upgrade myself because of changes made in Windows 10. Some of my school/student software stopped working and only way to get back was to pay upgrade from V2019 to V2020.

Thanks again!

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