Save to MySQL Database Problem

I have a simple project from handsontable PHP Demo. I am trying to convert it to EXE by following the Tutorial in MySQLSever2Go. Everything is working fine except saving the data to database.
The save.php file is here

The database connection is OK as the data is display properly and the reset is also working fine. I am using WebKit Engine in Browser Engine settings.

Please help!

Do you mean the data is not saved when you close the application?

Yes… And also when I pressed the save button.
This project is fully working with XAMPP.

A configuration problem: Server2Go was originally made to run off of a read-only CD, so the default setup will not save MySQL database changes. If you want to configure the server to keep all of your settings, you need to edit pms_config.ini: LocalMirror=0, OverwriteLocalMirror=0, and DeleteDatabaseFiles=0.

I tried that but it’s not working.

My source files are here.

The project “crmd” is causing the problem while the project “i-v-e-d” is working fine.

Please help.

Re: I install XAMPP and run my full project in browser which works flawlessly. I convert the full project into exe without any changes. In PHP exe settings I include php_pdo.dll and php_pdo_mysql.dll and run the exe when XAMPP is running. And the same problem is there. Any changes will not save to the database. Therefore in my conclusion there may be some bug in PDO module of PHP ExeOutput.