Saving existing workbook -> Save As

Hi there,
I just tried to change a saved workbook and save it again. The program automatically switches to “Save As” and I have to confirm that I want to replace the existing file. Is this expected behaviour? Is it possible to change it, so that it automatically saves to the existing file, like in ordinary Excel workbooks?

Yes, it’s the default behavior. We cannot override the “Save As” command of Excel, so we replaced the “Save” by the “Save As” command. Now, in XLS Padlock 2022, there is a new advanced option that lets you remove the overwrite prompt if you don’t want it. If you also don’t want a “Save As” dialog box, you have an option in XLS Padlock to automatically load and save changes made to the workbook without prompt. It’s even possible to do that with VBA.

Okay, when is it coming out? Had to go through some real hoops to ensure I could save the .xlsc in the same path as the .exe file.

The final builds are available for Beta users. If you want them before public release, please send a PM.

I believe the Automatic load and save feature in the 2022 version is not properly working. I know when I have selected that in xls padlock and distributed the exe file the automatic save and upload is not working. I have personally sent a individual ticket on this issue.