Seasonings Greeting GDG

Just a little friendly reminder not to forget those of us looking patiently forward to HTMLexe update… I really was hoping to get a surprise from you guys but I guess thats how it goes. Anyways, im at the point of begging now…please please lets have the updates. Thanks much

2018 is coming and HTMLEXE5 will be renamed HTMLEXE 2018.
It will come with Chromium 63 and several major changes. To handle very large displays, we also decided to move all graphics (toolbar buttons, etc.) to the vector SVG format. That’s why it’s taking more time.
Moreover, we expect Chromium authors to integrate support for MP3 and MP4. In our current HTMLEXE build of Chromium, there is no support for these formats. Hopefully, they said they would be available in January 2018 so it would be better for us to have support for MP3 and MP4 formats in HTMLEXE 2018 too (in the Chromium viewer, since the IE Webbrowser of course already supports them).