Select printer from code

my app have many printers using it depend on product type
is there any way to select printer from js or HEScript before printing

Unfortunately not yet. We just added kiosk printing and it looks like an incoming CEF update will allow more printing options. Hopefully, it will include the possibility to choose the printer’s name.

I am waiting impatiently

Is there any news about the date of this update, my software badly needed?

It’s not something that we’ll implement in the next weeks. There is a lot of breaking changes with the next CEF update that we’ll take some time to work on it.


maybe an idea/ workaround from my side. You can install Foxit reader on your computer and then you can send PDF files with Foxit reader to any spooler you want by command line.

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Is there any news about the new update
Like Date of update or updating plan for exeOutput