Server Error: Out of memory

Hello, thank you for this great software!

I have a frequent problem with an application that uses multiple image galleries.

On some pages there is a a lot of images (approximately one hundred).
The application does not seem to consume a lot of memory. It
does not exceed a maximum of 160MB in the task manager for the largest galleries.

But when I watch more than 3 gallery, the application encounters delays
and the page displays an error message (in french):

Erreur de la visionneuse HTML Executable
L’erreur suivante est apparue. Veuillez cliquer sur Précédent pour retourner à la page précédente ou contacter l’auteur de ce programme pour plus d’informations.
Server Error: Out of memory

google transalte:
"Error Executable HTML Viewer
The following error occurred. Please click on Back to return to the previous page or contact the author of this program for more information.
** Server Error: Out of memory ** "

It runs on a DELL XPS ONE 27 ‘’ with touchscreen , 8GB of ram, IE11 , windows8

When I test it with another computer also with 8 GB of ram, I do not have this problem.
Is it a bad configuration of Internet Explorer or windows ?

Can you help me solve this problem?

thank you