SetMenuProp() not working anymore

Hi got an issue I cannot seem to get around, nor can I find any documentation for it, but on the new exeoutput v2.1 these Hscript functions no longer work to disable and enable a menu item (used to work on v1.7).

procedure DisableMenu(menu: string);
SetMenuProp(“muser_”+menu, “Enabled”, “FALSE”);

procedure EnableMenu(menu: string);
SetMenuProp(“muser_”+menu, “Enabled”, “TRUE”);

Could someone tell me what the equivalent would by for version 2.1 of exeoutput ?


Since the UI has been changed, some references have been upgraded. Please study the sample of the general demo for UI modifications:

SetUIProp works with menu items too.

thanks for the update, but I don’t appear to have this general demo file or option on the software, is this for a new release post version 2.1 ?

actually I do have a general demo, but it was for the old version 1.7 as shown below, never got an update for the version 2.1

It’s in a different folder “chromiumdemo” and it still ships with ExeOutput, so you should be able to find it on your PC.