SetUIProp and GetUIProp - Names and Parameters

First of all I stand corrected as the GetUIProp exists for Internal Use. Will this be available for our use later? It would be useful to check a setting and act accordingly.

It would really make the program more robust if we could get the Names and Parameters published in the documentation for the SetUIProps or at least the most common ones. I know the Main Window and a few others from the old forum. I don’t believe they all converted over. Currently, there are only four total references for the SetUIProp in the documentation.


We have plans to replace these API in the future, so there is no plan to offer more documentation for them.
Basically, they can change a lot of things but listing everything would take a lot of work and time.

If I can ask, how would this affect current publications, in what ways?

With what I have read when Windows 10 is released, some versions will not ship with IE and some versions will ship with two browsers, such as the Enterprise versions.

I’m just curious how this API change may impact my current publications.


You’ll have to update your scripts in the future if we remove the functions. But they will probably remain for compatibility purposes, we’ll offer more scripting capabilities in HTMLEXE 5.

Actually, Windows 10 ships with the Trident engine so there won’t be problems. AFAIK nothing has been published about what will happen to the webbrowser API that is used by Windows applications such as the HTML help viewer or HTML Exe. Sure they will keep compatibility at least.