Shorter registration key, customer script


Now that the new version is ready I would like to know if the custom registration key
method is ready.

I would like to get sample script to control hardware-locked keys.

For example:

In the menu > Security > Advanced options > Use a costum script (advanced users only), Which is option 6 in menu.

I would like to have script to get CPU and ID info, but have a shorter registration key


From: F93FF-0EJI8-9543F-9A964

Get only: F93F

I tried as below:

function GenerateUserCode(name, data1, data2, pubid, systid: String): String;
SA: String;
SA := MD5OfAString(name + data1 + data2 + pubid + systid);
Result := Copy(SA, 4, 4);

And got the message error at compiling time:

“Unknown method or routine. CostumuniqueID.
Source position 360,33”


The Custom Script is for generating unique system IDs and not registration keys. That’s why it isn’t working. We could not introduce this feature in the new release, but it is still on our TODO list.

Thank you,

While this resource is not ready, it there a way to turn 0 = O and I = 1 when user types the registration key,
using the existing scripts or resources ?

I notice that many users of my ebooks confuse those letter and numbers.


No, but this is a good suggestion. We will automatically replace them.

Thank you for comprehension.

I’ve been using ebooks softwares for many years, delivered to many students and notice
chacarcters confusion is a source of complaints and also insactisfaction.

Depending on the kind of font, the resemblance could be still greater.

Not every users copy and past the registration key. Some even write it by pen.

The characters below also cause problems

S = 5
B = 8
Q = 0

You could also create a shorter registration key option ( 10 digit) , and so a costumer script would not be so urgent.

If possible please consider also the items below as them also cause problem in a lesser degree.

D = 0
G = 6
Z = 2

I dont think it will affect safety because the are still many letters left.

I am not quite sure, but the same change in serial could be interesting.