Show Developer Tools: jQueryserializeArray()


Exeoutput 1.7
Browser Engine : Webkit Chromium
Enable “Show Developer Tools”…

When the compiled program runs, the right mouse click, “Show Developer tools” freezes the program and the only alternative is to log off the Windows session.

I need to check that the following command is not working properly in javascript:

sData = $( “#”+sForm ).find(“input,select,textarea,checkbox”).serializeArray();

This command works perfectly when running on my original php that used in Centos6, Firefox or Chromium Linux.

Thank you.

Hello again.

Watching and following through log running the javascript code, I noticed the following:

var sData;
sData = $( “#”+sForm ).find(“input,select,textarea,checkbox”).serializeArray();
cache: false,
timeout: tTimeout,
data: sData,
success: function(retorno) {
sStatus = sStatusOperacao(retorno);

The serializeArray() command is executed correctly, it can get the html tags content and create the data object.
What that does not run is the “POST”. Watching the log of PHP, I do not see the post ajax coming.

Is there any known limitation at this point or may be some other problem?
This same code works perfectly in Centos6 environment with Firefox or Chromium.

Thank you