Sir i have a new problem

i have a problem now in displaying ang uploading image sir…
and i check this option right here

and theprogram works but i cant display now any image and cant upload files

Are you using these options?

i think sir i check that 1 in my first attempt. then when start a 2ns project and still the same files and now it works like this

Maybe the internal key used to generate encrypted PHP files was not correctly saved. Great that it works again for you.

sorry sir but its not my problem!. my problem is if i uncheck the “Use absolute path fo the virtual data sub folder” this random charaters appear. and now i cant access my files that located in , all i want is how can i apper all the image back? im really on a down ward spiral sir since i upgrade. please help!!

i have atleast the last compile of my project in 2019 , it works on how i made it but the issue the session itself,. and now you said to create new, now i cant access my image sir. i put it the way i put last year, please…

i will understand if you can’t prioritize this, cause im havnt purchase license yet

As asked before, are you trying to encrypt PHP source files?

in my first attempt sir yes. then i try a new one , new project diffrent title and names but still the same files and directory. and didn’t check it anymore and still experiencing
the same problem.

sir thankyou. i just figure it out. :slight_smile:

i type cntrl+a and right click , and then uncheck/. by the way sir sorry for the wineing im just hangover of my fist problem which is the session. :slight_smile: