Slow ajax in Single Page Js application

Hello, I am trying exeoutput with a single page application built with VueJs backed by Laravel 5.3 with sqlite. Application works after compile, but every ajax request is too slow. But the application itself is very fast in LAMP environment. I think this a threading issue. Any idea how to solve this?

Another thing I noticed, embeded fonts are not showing properly. I tried other similar solution which uses cef (like phpdesktop).as a rendering engine. But fonts, ajax speed everything is normal there.

Anyway, Thanks for great product.

It’s certainly related to Laravel. The framework has some many files that must be processed. Contrary to other products LAMP, phpdesktop, PHP files remain in memory in ExeOutput. So when PHP requests a file, ExeOutput also checks in its resources whether the file must be unpacked or not.
To increase speed, try to keep all laravel-related files outside the EXE, in the “Data” subfolder. Thus, ExeOutput won’t have to unpack them for the PHP runtime to find them. Check our documentation about how to keep files outside the EXE.
Check whether a resource file isn’t missing. Embedded fonts work fine, we use them in our demos.

Hello, I placed all the laravel files in the Data folder, update in the file list and complied again. But using devtools, I can see that there is no change in request and response time before and after moving files. Still it is super slow.