Slow Animation Rendering

Continuing to test HTML Executable 2022 BETA 4. Having difficulty with slow rendering speed (slow, choppy, jerky, not smooth) for one canvas animation (Perlin Noise done using JavaScript-adapted from here – top animation is the Perlin noise pattern used for the adaptation). The animation speed and smooth rendering works perfectly when my HTML-based source files are viewed separately in latest Chrome browser (not as part of an HTML Executable 2022 published project using latest Chrome engine).

So, I suspect this problem is related to the way HTML Executable renders this canvas animation. Have tried changing settings, like WebGL, GPU plugin with no success. Wondered what other users have tried to speed up a slow animation in HTML Executable? Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Update: the animation in the above posting was created using an external JavaScript library: P5.js. Decided to try a different scripting for the animation, this time not using an external JavaScript library, only using pure vanilla JavaScript and updating the canvas using request animation frame ([function]) which reportedly produces slightly faster results in Chrome and other browsers. After compiling this test project in HTML Executable Beta 2022, there is an improvement in rendering: the animation quality is better, but there is still a small, but noticeable slower and choppy quality, when compared to separately viewing the same web-based animation in an external browser. So, progress. Hopefully, as the Chrome engine is updated over time, animation rendering speed and quality will improve. :grinning:

Update: Three.js version of animation works well (smooth, accurate rendering at full speed) in first test using it! :grinning:

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