Slow performance

my app performance is slowly with ExeOutput
request takes twice as long
if it take 500ms in broswer
in exeoutput (1.5 - 2) S
i am using laravel framework
in laravel framework alot of files for packages in /vendor folder

What I did to get a solution :

  • i kept vendor folder external, but the same problem
  • opcahe is enable with cli option

any suggestions ?

app performance more slowly with image processing

i have a job in my app that create image with imagick or GD extension and wkhtmltoimage

in broswer it’s take 1 - 1.2s

in exeoutput it’s take 6 - 7s

any help please, it’s very urgent problem

difference between the same request for image processing in browser and exeOutput

Which PHP version did you choose?
Surely, if your app uses thousands of PHP scripts and includes, it will be slow because they must be first unpacked to memory before processing unless you keep a lot of them external (and optionally encode the most critical ones).
In a browser, files are already on the disk. By browser, do you mean you are using a WAMP package? Or files being host on a remote server?