[SOLVED] 2018 Install Issues

Trying to install all of the updates for version 2018. Cannot get past error messages like this:

Really do not need both version on laptop. Is this meant to be or real error?

Thanks for the hard work guys!

Gave in and installed V2.2.1.

Uninstalled 2018, reinstalled and did update. Downloaded all updates (including skin editor) and showed all successfully installed.

Now I get this:

Please retry, the skin editor has been updated for V2018.

Retry? Full install - as in uninstall and redownload everything?

No, just run the web update utility

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Wonderful, thank you.

On the subject of skin editor, could you point me to the tutorial about using the:

β€œNew TImage component available in the UI editor, allowing you to insert images and logos in the interface of your apps. A new help topic is available with a tutorial.”

Sure I am just being blind but cannot seem to find the tutorial. Did search but must not be using correct term.

SCRATCH. Found the tutorial for image in toolbar.