[Solved] Global Expiration Date?


i need a solution for a global expiration date not based on activation keys.
Do you plan to implement this feature in the next release?



Hi Frankschn,
Could you put something in your Workbook_Open() event of your excel program that analyses when it should self destruct (so to speak)?

Or perhaps put a date in a cell in some invisible back page that once the program detects the date is less than or equal to today then it erases stuff or auto-closes?

If datasheet.Range(“expiryDate”) <= cdate(“05/20/2019”) then
'close app
Thisworkbook.close Save:=false
end if

or something like that?



Hi Dan,

thanks for your suggestion, but my problem is that i have a before close code.

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
Dim ReturnValue As Integer
ReturnValue = MsgBox("do you want to save??", vbYesNoCancel + vbQuestion, "Myapp")
Select Case ReturnValue
Case vbYes
Call export
Case vbCancel
Cancel = True
Case vbNo
End Select
ThisWorkbook.Saved = True
End Sub

so it doesn’t work, or can y bypass the before_close event in this case?



Just add the date check again in the Before Close event to prevent the msgbox from appearing.


thanks for for the suggestion… it works…


Good idea!