Something like the "router script" in the PHP Built-in web server?


In the beta forum I had posted a message about a feature request, for something like the “router script” of the “PHP built-in webserver”, but I do not have access to that old topic ( so I make a new one

The idea is to use something like descripted into the PHP Doc :
"Example #3 Using a Router Script"

To replace URL Rewrite in…htaccess files.
I have allready used that solution for demo purpose on site that need Url Rewrite, and It will be a great help to have something like that in ExeOutput.

In my other topic I had an answer that saying that will be an interesting tool.

Can I have any hope that this will be implemented ?


Best regards.


Hummm… I just find hidden in the doc that it have been allready implemented… :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you should add it on your release note list of the V2 ? Anyway thanks a lot for that add !

We forgot to mention it in the Release notes, you’re right. But it’s available!