SQLITE doesn't save

Hello Guys,

I really like this project, it is awesome and I’m going to buy it today.
But I have a big issue working with SQLITE database .
how can I use the SQLITE database outside the application .
The exec is using a virtual folder in “windows APPDATA” .The database got created but then deleted .

Can you please provide the way how this Exeoutput works with this kind of database .
Or the logic way of using it .

Thank you

For instance, if the path to your EXE file is e:\my application\myprogram.exe, the path to the “Data” subfolder will be e:my application\data < base.sqlite

[mouse right click option]Compile into EXE

  class MyDB extends SQLite3 {
      function __construct() {
   $db = new MyDB();


$data = $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].’/name.db’;
$con= new SQLite3($data);

The program works very well with SQLITE3.
I’m using it without problems.

Good Luck