Startup Window Background Color

When software is initializing and the loading window appears, a blank page is shown a few seconds. Totally blank white page. This looks kind of bad, especially when users’ system is set for dark mode or using a dark skin.

In this case I am using the Web2view engine, have not tested on Chromium.

Any simple fix for this or have I overlooked a setting? Can’t use skin editor as it is not available for install yet (?).

This might not be what you want. However, you could create a startup splash screen to make things look a little more professional.

@PERCIVAL_BLENMAN Thanks for reply!

Yes, I have a startup splash but the software app itself is the issue. While app is loading, the viewport window is totally white. If using a dark theme (or set to match users’ desktop setting light/dark) the flash of white screen does not look good.

I am picky, lol.


This will be fixed in HTMLEXE 2024.1 to be available in a few days.

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