Subscription with PayPal

Is there a method for integration xls padlock online activation and validaiton with a PayPal subscription service rather than using fastspring?

That would be awesome and I am waiting for that as well (most of us all use PayPal).

Especially since PayPal already has many easy-to-implement Php and programming snippet methods available.

I believe that XLS Padlock would have 2X more sales of if they made it possible for the lay person to integrate.

It’s planned but we are still looking for a way to store activation data somewhere, and we try to avoid having to rely on a MySQL database for that. FastSpring allows storing meta data into orders. It looks like PayPal isn’t. Another possibility would be storing data into JSON files located in a sub directory.

Great, yes the JSON file method seems promising, or any easy method that we could control User access and Activations…