Swipe to go back (Gestures)


In google chrome you can (on a touchscreen) swipe to the left or right to go to the previous, or forward page. (Gestures)

In EXEFOROUTPUT its is no different. You can swipe back and forward, and navigate to previous, and forwarded pages you visit.

In Google chrome you can turn this off by type into your browser the following: chrome://flags/#overscroll-history-navigation

Is there an option to turn this off into your program as well?

Maybe you can try this:

Hi Thanks for the quick anwser.

I also read the article from “stackoverflow”. But there they talk about a work around, and that’s not what I’m looking for. In the meantime, i also have made a (for myself) more simple work-around. :slight_smile: I’m now opening a new page in a new “tab” with Javascript. And then I close the parent tab. If I want to go back I do it exactly the other way around. Because the “child” page has now become the parent page, the script remains the same. only the links (href) are reversed.
See the (java) script below: For me it works like a charm.

function openInNewTab(href) {
  Object.assign(document.createElement('href'), {
    target: '_blank',
    href: href,
function closeWindow() {
    var w = window.opener;
    window.opener = self;

Maby in the next update you can put this option in to turn of the swiping gesture? flags/#overscroll-history-navigation. Ore some way to ajust all the “flags” settings before output the EXE file. It will be very nice. :smiley:

Greets… Sander.

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Yes, we’ll check whether it’s possible to add an option in the Chromium-related options. Thanks for the workaround! :ok_hand: