SYSID bypassing the manual approach asking for the key


Can you please explain how to come past the way to get the clients hardware SysID key for the hardware locked keys…Currently you ask them for the key but this is too much manual work…is there a way to automate this process ? You need a way to pass that sysID key to a csv file…then that csv must be imported into Woocommerce.I just want to find out if you are working on a way to automate this process.Documentation are quite scarce on this -hope you can give an idea how we can achieve and automate this process

That’s why you have online activation now in XLS Padlock. This lets you skip the step asking for the system ID. The workbook automatically sends the system ID to your server and retrieve the appropriate hardware-locked activation key.

Ok so the screenshot above is ONLY applicable for manual activation ? I still dont understand…as that activation key must be passed to the woocommerce shop -Support sorry but I dont understand this. How do you get that hardware locked key to woocommerce. I have setup a non hardware locked keys via the import CSV file with codes which I have manually done -they are non hardware locked keys for demo product. But the Hardware locked keys I dont understand as what will collect the sysID and what will import them into the store.


This step says point it to any script on your website…Can you point it to the getactivation -what would you recommend.Please advise

Your manual dont point it to getactivation so this is not clear to me please explain

I dont get hardware keys working -your manual are unclear on the hardware keys ^^^^.Please can you do a thorough explanation of the hardware keys -how to automate itI Have no problems with demo keys but the hardware keys dont work

“Website interaction” is a feature older than “online activation”.
If you don’t want to deal with system IDs related to hardware-locked keys, just work with online activation and the WooCommerce kit.

Please I had a complaint once before that your manual are not clear and we have the exact same thing here.For anyone reading your manual it beyond confusing as its not clear -you can bring your support down ten fold if your instructions are clearer as you have old new methods mixed together which is NOT clear. Prime example your hardware locked keys information is in shambles to say the least.I want hardware locked keys on my software full version -I have setup the woocommerce kit with the rest Api but its not creating the activation key in the store after a manual order - I dont understand what will send the SysID key to the woostore. to get the activation key.Please we need clearer instructions
Thank you

With online activation, the system ID is sent by the EXE when exchanging with WooCommerce. You don’t have to deal with that. The manual describes all of the features available, it’s its purpose. We’re working on more tutorials but it’s taking time too.

its not creating the activation key in the store after a manual order

What do you mean by activation key?

support thank you for your reply. Take my advice as only a positive criticism -you have an awesome product but your manual is confusing as you have parts mixed with modules that don’t apply…remove anything that’s not applicable OR clearly state The following step will not be necessary if you installed the woocommerce SDK -then the user will know.By not mentioning that you leave the user in the dark and your getting 100 support calls on your website due things you could have better explained which would prevented a support call if the manual was crystal clear to follow.

Back to my problem
I compiled the exe…this is the screen I get after the software is compiled
Its asking for the token.

Keep in mind the order has been placed the user have download the file with the screen you see greeting them…token -what must they enter as there was NO ACTIVATION info and it must be hardware locked keys. If I enter anything it says invalid token

Sure, we take account of feedback. We’ll try to follow your advice regarding “no necessary step if you…”.

The WooCommerce kit of XLS Padlock doesn’t send email because it’s not a WordPress plug-in.
Maybe you missed this important part of the WooCommerce Kit guide:


This activation token must be sent to the customer who purchased your workbook. This token lets him
activate the workbook. Some WooCommerce plug-ins allow sending emails to customers after purchase: be
sure to include the activation token in the email.

Fabulous you are right I missed that THANK YOU Now Im getting somewhere support. My mistake there :slight_smile: Will report back thank you

P.S I can confirm this work flawlessly now thank you support